I constantly hear that getting into skiing and snowboarding is difficult because of the cost of equipment. Well, let me tell you that it’s not as bad as you think and there are so many ways to shop wisely for equipment.

 1.  Ski and Snowboard Swaps

Generally, just before the season begins many ski and snowboard areas or communities (like the Canadian Ski Patrol) will host events offering amazing deals on new and used equipment. At these events you can even enter your old equipment items for consignment to make some extra cash towards your new ski and snowboard equipment.

 2.  Watch Out for Sales!

Ski and snowboard retailers are not immune to large sale days like Boxing Day and Black Friday so it’s okay to take one day off the slopes (or maybe just a couple of hours) to hit up the stores for the great deals.

3.  Continue Thinking Snow Even After the Chairlifts have Stopped for the Season.

At the end of the season, retailers need to make space for next year’s models of equipment so that always means an end of season sale. Take advantage of these deals and get into your local retailer to check out what they have on sale. It is not uncommon to see price drops of 40-60% at this time of the season.

4.   Growth Spurts…

Growing children means a need for new equipment every season, but don’t worry, retailers have your back {or should I say half back?}. More and more retailers across Canada offer half back programs for junior skiers and snowboarders, which offers you the chance to purchase equipment and return it the following year to receive half of your purchase price back with an in store credit to put towards the next season’s equipment.


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