This year, My Mountain Co-op is looking into our future and planning for winters to come. A snowcat or snow machine is an integral part of any mountain operation.

As per one local man’s wise words, without a working snow cat, there literally would be no operating Shames ski area. Though some are suckers for a good powder day at Shames, those lifts wouldn’t be running even (or should we say especially) on those days if there was no cat. No beginners would be learning how to turn the board(s) on Big Bunny. No young families would be ripping down the groomers. There would be no cat tracks to get to the bump runs or to and from the tree skiing. The t-bar lift line would be buried after every wind storm. PYTHON WOULDN’T BE GROOMED!!!! THE HORROR!!!!

Local business owners and managers, if Shames keeps you and your employees happily enjoying the North Coast life, or you just see the value to the community of having a local ski area, even if you don’t use it yourself, why not consider making your contribution towards a new-to-Shames snowcat too?

A quality machine costs in the neighborhood of $300,000. Our current machine is passed its life expectancy and will be retired at the end of this ski season.

MMC-Shames Mountain is a non-profit community owned cooperative that requires outside assistance for out of the ordinary expenses such as this one. We thank you in advance for your cooperation and help.

Together we can help keep this jewel of the northwest going for years to come.

The biggest thank you for your contributions and support. Any amount is appreciated!! If you prefer remaining anonymous please let us know.

This is Our Mountain, Come Join Us!

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