Getting my equipment checked

A continuation from “Getting back on the slopes after joining motherhood”. 

First item on my to do list is to get my equipment checked so I decided to go right to the experts on this topic.  I took  myself and my gear to Keenan Sutherland, Manager of Squire Johns Craigleith.



Keenan first tackled finding out why I was experiencing discomfort when riding and I was then asked to take a “Captain Morgan” stance, which involves balancing on one leg and placing the opposite leg in a 90 degree angle. He was then able to measure from my knee to the bottom of my foot. This measurement provided the optimal distance between the middle of my front binding to my back bindings.




The tune up:

First Keenen took a look at my equipment to check my edges, wax and overall shape of my board, looking for any chunks missing from the base or edge and while looking at my bindings, he then noticed that I had placed my bindings on the wrong feet (colour me embarrassed!) He fixed the bindings with a quick switch over and then gave me back my board.

Bindings all fixed 


New things I learned today:

  • Ski and Snowboard lifetime – Not sure when you should look into buying new skis or snowboard? General rule of thumb is 80 days on snow for both skis and snowboards.
  • How to tell when you need a tune up –  If your base is looking gray, dry or fuzzy it’s a good idea to visit your local shop for a tune up. They willl also check your edges to see if they need sharpening at the same time. For weekend warriors, you’re looking at roughly once a month.
  • Tips to make your skis or board last – Proper summer storage is key make sure to store your skis and snowboard in a place where the base will stay dry. Adding a storage wax helps to keep moisture away from the base of your skis or snowboard. Check your skis or snowboard for chunks missing out of them. If you get one, it’s a great idea to have them looked after and fixed as soon as possible to prevent rust.


Next on my check list is to seek help from friends and professionals! Stay tuned for part 3 of this blog as my fight against fear continues! As always, would love your tips and comments so please feel free to add them below.


For more information on equipment check out Step 3: Go!