The ski industry generates $800 million in economic benefits every winter in addition to the 12,000 direct jobs, making it the No. 1 winter tourism activity in Quebec, according to a study commissioned by the Quebec Ski Areas Association (ASSQ).

The ASSQ appointed Michel Archambault, Emeritus Tourism Professor of the School of Management at UQAM to measure the economic impact of the skiing industry in Quebec. The research was based on consumption data from skiers as well as operating and capital expenditures by ski resorts from 2013 to 2014. This study demonstrates, beyond any doubt, that the economic strength of many regions across the province depends greatly on the presence of ski areas in their communities, during the winter.

Quite remarkably, Mr. Archambault adds that the ski industry represents 6.4 % of Quebec’s total tourism GDP. The analysis also shows that the ski industry generates total annual expenditures of more than $833 million and approximately $137 million in tax revenues for both the Provincial and Federal G