The Canadian Ski Council is excited to partner with SnowSeekers to bring you stories and inspiration about booking a snow-filled adventure you won’t soon forget. In previous instalments, we wrote about the best groomed blue and green runs on BC’s coast, and why this is the year to ski BC’s coast. In this column, we reveal our favourite runs in BC.

Across Canada, there are well over 200 ski resorts and on average with 20 runs each. That’s more than 4,000 ski runs to choose from.

Some of the top in the world are in British Columbia. They’re famed for their for length, powder and, of course, gorgeous mountain views.

Did you know Peak-To-Creek, Whistler’s longest run, goes for 11 kilometres and covers a vertical fall line that adds up to more than 500 storeys? It’s just one of SnowSeeker’s 12 favourite runs in BC.

Start planning your #SkiBC here with help from SnowSeekers, an authority on all things Western Canada ski & snowboard.

If you’re new to mountain skiing, you’ll want to make the most of your time, and be sure you’re skiing the right kind of slope that suits your ability.  Sure, you can look at a trail map, but the best way is to talk to a local to get some real insight into what runs are right for you. One of the best ways is to first do your homework online. Then when you’re on the hill, ask a local for advice while you’re riding the chairlift.

At any major B.C. ski resort, such as Whistler, Red Mountain, Fernie or SilverStar, you will also find friendly mountain hosts. These folks, who are usually wearing brightly coloured coats with ‘snow host’ logos, will happily show you around and give you some advice on where to ski – and even the best time of day to ski a particular run.

Rick Bauer, a long-time ski host at SilverStar Mountain Resort outside of Vernon, BC., knows his mountain well and here’s why.

“I get in about 100 days on the mountain here, so for me, some of the best parts of my season are when I get to show people around and show them why I love skiing here so much,” says Bauer with a wide Cheshire cat kind of grin.

And after hanging with this guy for the day, you realize that’s not a Cheshire cat grin, its perma-grin from his love of skiing and being out in the snow.

“When people really understand a place and can get around the resort confidently, it can be a game changer for (their) experience,” adds Bauer. “They know how to navigate the place and they can get into their day a lot better and not have to think so much; skiing is about having fun and exploring.”

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