Transcending Myth_Featured Story

Legend encompasses the mountains surrounding this Kootenay town and resort, but Fernie’s snow is the sacred narrative that defines this epic ski destination

BY: Claire Challen
PHOTOGRAPHY: Paul Morrison

A shot rang out against the quiet night as the ancient gun released powerfully into the air. The almighty presence of the fur-clad giant lowered his musket slowly, nodding his head almost imperceptibly as if to say, “my work is done.” That night, fluffy flakes journeyed downward from the sky to blanket the mountains and valleys below to the sheer joy of the inhabitants and visitors, awaiting its arrival. Later, glasses were raised to the Griz in thanks as the revered white provisions were replenished yet again upon this snow-filled heaven on earth.

“Change of plans, we’re heading out in 15 minutes!” Half asleep, I was looking forward to breakfast and my morning coffee ritual, however the alternative sounded too good to pass up. We were scoring an early lift load at Fernie Alpine Resort. A short walk to the Timber