BY: Steve Young

Interski team training at Sunshine Village… We had spent most of our training time working on individual ski technique and team skiing. We were all enjoying that but when coach Warren Jobbitt suggested we go up and check out the Dive we were all game!

As we climbed up the the air was getting thinner the only thought in my mind was how happy I was to finally be there with the team that we had all worked for years to make. When we got to the top we had a quick photo op, then lined up for some individual video shots. This took some time so some of us were standing at the top looking down at what we were about to ski. Normally we just climb then ski no time to think about it. Because we were skiing in formation most of us were wearing our SL skis so when we looked down and saw some rocks we had our concerns… Some of the western boys went first and took the aggressive line.  The rest decided to avoid the cliffs and rocks and enjoyed the softer drifted snow.

When my turn came the feeling of the pull of gravity was awesome that feeling that we from the east crave, the snow was that soft drifted snow that you have to surf. This is why we love what we do it is all about the skiing.

When we all got to the bottom we had a few minutes to take in the moment. This was one of those moments that as a skier’s we never forget. Standing at the bottom of the Dive with the Team just enjoying the moment laughing taking some pictures and talking about each other’s run.  

What a day!