Carving highway corners on a motorcycle; hitting the perfect shot down the 18th tee; picking a gnarly line on a mountain bike; blasting out of the start gate on skis — these are only a few of the segments featured in the #myskistory video series, which documents the stories of some of the most exciting skiers in Canada.

The 12 athlete-narrated videos take an insider’s look at the daily lives of some of Canada’s alpine, para-alpine and ski cross skiers, both on and off the hill. Athletes include Jan Hudec, Erik Guay, and Manny Osborne-Paradis.

“The athletes featured in these videos are the superstars of our sport,” said Max Gartner, former president of Alpine Canada. “This project will help fans – and all Canadians – learn more about who these amazing athletes are off the hill and about their journey to the top of the sport. Our hope is that these videos will help people get excited about ski racing and inspire the next generation of ski racers to pursue their dreams as well.”

“We’ve spent nearly two years following Alpine Canada’s racers,” said Chris Krieger of Deluxe Design Group. “We’ve had some unforgettable experiences and we’re looking forward to making more memories as we continue to document the journey of these hardworking, dedicated athletes.”

The videos can be accessed on courtesy of Alpine Canada/Deluxe Design Group. All race footage is courtesy of CBC Sports.

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Video courtesy of Alpine Canada/Deluxe Design Group.

SnowOnline Editor: Lori Knowles