Event         : CSP Ben Eoin World Snow Day

Date of Event : 19 January 2014

Description   : Safe kids are happy kids. Welcome to World Snow Day at Ben Eoin presented by the Canadian Ski Patrol.

To Celebrate World Snow Day the CSP at Ben Eoin will be hosting a series of great children’s activities

The Canadian Ski Patrol will be celebrating World Snow Day as well as injury Prevention and Safety Day at all participating zones across Canada. Each area will have events that will emphasize outdoor fun and safety for the young children. Prizes and free food for those who participate will be available at most resorts.


Location      : All C.S.P. Resorts across Canada


Type          : Non Government Organisation

Name          : Canadian Ski Patrol

First name    : Mike

Family name   : Rahey

Street        : 495 Johnson Road

ZIP           : b1y 3b3

Town          : Georges River

Country       :

Phone         : +1 902-794-7860

Email         : mikerahey@hotmail.com