Certainty, predictability or even patterns regarding weather and conditions are not luxuries the alpine industry in Canada has. Innovation abounds and creative solutions drive operations forward in even the most tumultuous times. Case in point: snowmaking. Enter Alpine-X. Read more on skicanada.org

Backed by Andy Wirth and Bode Miller, Alpine-X is an innovative solution that aims to deliver the thrill of sliding on snow, indoors. With a mission built on growth, exposure, inclusivity and consistency, the Alpine-X experience aims to compliment – not replace – the on-hill, outdoor experience, year-round for Americans nationwide. The first facility aims to open in Fairfax, VA in late 2024/early 2025.

With alternative alpine experiences, like snow simulators and indoor ski areas complimenting the outdoor experience, this could sustain interest in the sport year-round, even when the forecast doesn’t comply. It also has the potential to reach a massive untapped market. Learn more at the Alpine-X website or watch this discussion between Bode Miller, Andy Wirth and CEO John Emery.

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