The snow season is short and mountain biking provides an opportunity to drive revenues in the summer season. This session explored the type of information, approaches to consider and planning that needs to be considered when assessing the opportunity for mountain biking, along with potential ancilary revenues and key pitfalls to avoid.

Tactical Practical Insights for Building a Mountain Bike Park

  1. Critical to success is understanding why you want to build a mountain bike park / trail centre, whether you will be able to generate revenue, the sustainability of the operation, whether it’s worth making the investment and if you understand the challenges you’ll face.
  2. A key consideration for resorts in building bike parks is creating year-round employment that helps retain staff throughout the year, while also contributing to the attractiveness of the community to existing and potential residents and accelerating real estate sales.
  3. Do your planning, then commit to your plan – be prepared to carry through with the plan in the long-term. Abandoning it after 1-2 years is likely to result in wasted money.
  4. Be aware of the challenges and hurdles that might arise through your development and the costs to maintain a sustainable operation.
  5. Do it right the first time around! It may cost more up-front to invest in quality bike park / trail building but in the end you will save money.
  6. Quality trails will influence your social media. Higher quality trails will be more popular and will attract visitors who will then spread the word organically through social media to increase the popularity of your bike park / trail centre over time.

Presentation Highlights

  1. Step 1: Planning
    1. A feasibility study is a critical first step in planning – Gravity Logic calls their report an ‘intelligence report‘, as it gives you the intelligence to decide if the investment in the bike park / trail centre is the right move.
    2. Your plan needs to cover the longer term and you have to be prepared to follow through once a decision is made to move on it. If you stop half way thro