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Recruiting and Retaining for Winter 2022/23

At many, many locations across our nation, we are struggling to attract, hire, train and retain employees. In this ongoing feature, we will examine solutions for these complex and pressing staffing issues. While we always encourage hiring locally or within Canada, the staffing shortage we are collectively experiencing has forced us to get creative. Coming

Forecasting the 2022/23 Ski and Snowboard Season

COVID-19 has highlighted the need for healthy outdoor activities year-round, and many Canadians have opted for the slopes during the winter. When asked about why people are flocking to the hills, 86% of respondents shared that they want to be outside, pursuing a healthy activity. Of the audience surveyed, 21% of core skiers, or those

Assessing the Opportunity for Mountain Biking

The snow season is short and mountain biking provides an opportunity to drive revenues in the summer season. This session explored the type of information, approaches to consider and planning that needs to be considered when assessing the opportunity for mountain biking, along with potential ancilary revenues and key pitfalls to avoid.

Tactical Practical Insights

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Building Summer Operations

The snow season is short. What can area operators do in the green season to put their assets to work and build new revenues during the other 6-9 months of the year? This session explored the rewards, opportunities and challenges associated with building a strong summer business.

Tactical Practical Insights to Growing Your Summer Operations