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Safe Working, Safe Playing

Safe Working, Safe Playing

Working along with the CWSAA, OSRA, ASSQ, and ASRA the Canadian Ski Council has developed Safe Working, Safe Playing – a warm season reference to operational best practices and guest interactions. These practices can be adapted to each ski area’s unique operation and can be scaled

Free Lift Tickets, Lessons, Rentals and Mike Manara

When Mount Washington’s Director of Sport and Guest Services, Mike Manara, offered up free skiing, free lessons, and free rentals in 2018, we all paid attention. His success was instant. The resort offered up the same program again in the early season of 2018 and will run it for 10 days in January as well.

Downhill Delivery

With delivery dominating the food, restaurant, and retail industries at the moment, the time-saving trend is gradually infiltrating to ski areas. Pizza delivery has always proliferated, especially in resorts peppered with self-catering accommodation. But ski businesses are branching out to deliver more creative meals, groceries, wines, ski/ride rental equipment, and all the bulky things that are difficult for families to bring such as cribs, cots, strollers, highchairs, and toys.