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Introducing "Gravity: A Serious Film About Downhill Adventure and Safety". Learn about how to get warmed up, helmet safety, dressing warm and comfortably, how to progress, and most importantly - The Code.

SAVE THE DATE! Canadian Ski Hall of Fame

The Canadian Ski Hall of Fame will welcome its first new inductees in eight years at the ceremony taking place in Banff, Alberta, on November 21st, just ahead of the Lake Louise World FIS Cup Event.

Experience the Life of an Olympic Athlete in VR

This year’s Toronto Ski + Snowboard Show puts you at the centre of the action with an all-new VR 360 projection cylinder! Visit the Cylinder to experience the life of an Olympic athlete as they train and prepare for competition through immersive VR in “Trending Gold” from the Olympic Channel.

Gravity – Gear Up and Get Prepped

Gravity: A Serious Film About Downhill Adventure and Safety, covers everything you need to know about how to have fun responsibly on the snow. The film in its entirety will be airing at the Toronto Ski + Snowboard Show. Here's a sneak peak.

Matchstick Productions – ALL IN Trailer

“ALL IN”, Matchstick Productions 2018 epic ski film delivers a first of its kind experience. This concept is spearheaded by a talented group of hard-charging women who wanted to disrupt the male-dominated ski film formula. This isn’t your typical “Women can shred too” film, this is a kick-ass ski film that just happens to feature as many women as men. Skiing isn’t exclusionary, true fun in the mountains can be shared equally by everyone.

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