Clad in a half dozen base layers on top and two pairs of long underwear, I could barely move, but I could face the cold. Moving deeper into phase three of my first turn of the day, I felt a POP as the snap on my ski pants took flight. The blown button could have been a direct result of so many layers stuffed into the waistband, but a quiet nagging voice suggested politely that perhaps layering wasn’t the issue at all. Either way, it was enough to catapult me into action.

When I began travelling around the world with Ski Television four years ago, I wasn’t used to the lavish lifestyle of daily après and gourmet meals. Though I wasn’t going to shy away from the decadence, I wasn’t going to let the extra calories get the best of me either. I needed to find a way take my workouts on the road. If I didn’t make a concerted effort to blast some of the calories consumed, there’d be no blaming a broken snap on extra layers. There is never an abundance of free time when travelling, nor for that matter, at home where life’s responsibilities eat away your exercise time. So, I remind myself it’s better to get in a short workout versus doing nothing at all.

Here’s one of my “go-to” workouts, allowing me to get my sweat on in my hotel room in only 7.5 minutes. After a day of skiing, I don’t want to overwork my legs. This workout gets me going without creating excess fatigue.




In low plank (on forearms), bring left knee toward left elbow & repeat on the right side. Keep core engaged and hips low. Less difficult: Hold static plank position

Run on the spot with alternating hi knees. Tap the edge of a coffee table or lounger with your toe on each rep. Keep core engaged and go fast!

Squat and place your hands on the floor. Jump or step out to plank and quickly lower your chest to the ground. Reverse the movement to get back up to standing. Jump and reach up! Less difficult: Do the plank burpee from Workout 11.


  • Interval Timer App <<>> or use a watch

WARM-UP: 5–10 minutes

WORKOUT: 7.5 minutes

  • Max effort for each interval, resting as little as possible between exercises.
  • Set your timer for 15 rounds of 30-second intervals, moving from exercise to exercise as quickly as you can (the time it takes to switch from exercise to exercise will vary. Advanced should only take 5 seconds while beginners may take 15 seconds)

My reps for each exercise along with totals for 5 rounds:

  • Elbow plank crawlers: 22 reps = Total: 110
  • High knee toe taps: 67 reps = Total: 335
  • Burpees, chest down to the ground: 10 reps = Total: 50

Give the workout a shot and let us know how you do!

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