By Louise Hudson (

Although skiing and snowboarding have long been associated with trendy togs, it is only recently that how you’re wearably wired has become chairlift conversation.

Best invention for me is battery-powered heating. Sporting multiple heated accessories, I typically last longer in frigid freezes than others. For example, last season, my friends (hardy Scots, one an instructor) were so frozen after one run that they got a ski-pass raincheck as even the rugged resort deemed it too cold to ski. However, I was able to poach the powder into the pm!

Chris Haffly ( has been supplying heated gear to outdoor workers and players for 15 winters. “The ski market has been told for years that you don’t want to get too warm as then you’ll sweat, then you’ll get cold, so automatically people think if they have heated clothing they will sweat,” he says.

However – as I know from experience wearing a Volt-heated vest, Seirus heated mitts, Abom heat-controlled goggles, and Therm-ic boot heaters – it’s merely a question of wearing sweat-wicking Smartwool baselayers, cranking up the settings on chairlifts, and lowering heat during exertion or temperature inversions.

Here are more wearable mountain must-haves, making us all into invincible skiing gods this winter: