Canadians love skiing and snowboarding and now that Covid-19 appears to be on the downslide, they’re eager to hit the hills and trails this winter – are we ready for them?

Industry statistics paint a rosy picture for the Canadian ski business: despite the pandemic, participation in snow sports in Canada increased by 360,000 people last year to nearly 18 million skiers and boarders. In fact, 8.3 % of Canadians are now skiing and snowboarding – the highest participation in 20 years.

And things can only get better.

Thousands of Canadians sidelined by Covid for the better part of two seasons are expected to flock to the hills in 2022/23 – including core skiers, people new to the sport and pandemic-weary enthusiasts who can’t wait to get back to fresh air pursuits that are challenging, healthy, social, and fun.

With more Canadians poised to travel to ski destinations within Canada or visit resorts close to home, it’s a golden opportunity to promote your offerings. Now is the time to plan and implement your marketing strategies for winter 2022/23.

Grow your business by tempting past skiers with deals and promotions catered to their needs; take part in the Toronto Ski + Snowboard Show, which after a two-year hiatus returns October 28-30 to encourage Canadians of all ages to enjoy the snow; opt into Canadian Ski Council programs which, as recent history has shown, offer opportunities that benefit both customers and ski areas.

Thanks to the Council’s Grade 4 & 5 SnowPass initiative, 68% of families skied and snowboarded more last season and 33% took a lesson. Twenty-three percent were visible minorities – many new to the sport – and SnowPass buyers on average brought three additional skiers. With so many new skiers trying the sport, minorities strapping on skis more than ever before, and a renewed interest in healthy outdoor activities, the Never Ever Days program sold out in record time.

Let’s get more outdoor enthusiasts involved in skiing and snowboarding. Let’s get them off the couch and cater to their needs and desires in a way that will boost traffic at ski lifts, concessions, and ski/snowboard rental huts.

Let’s work together to propel our industry to new heights this season and for many seasons to come!

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