The snow season is short. What can area operators do in the green season to put their assets to work and build new revenues during the other 6-9 months of the year? This session explored the rewards, opportunities and challenges associated with building a strong summer business.

Tactical Practical Insights to Growing Your Summer Operations

  1. Critical to summer success is ensuring the organization’s leadership and staff are onboard and in the right mindset to shift from being a ski operation to a multi-season destination.
  2. Dream big! At some point you may realize that executing your big dream isn’t a reality, but don’t impose limitations or parameters at first. The full dream may not be possible in the short-term but may be an option five years down the line.
  3. Long-term planning is essential. Look ahead at what and where you want to be 3, 5, 7 years from now. Affirm your business goals for summer, as they will guide your needed investments.
  4. Don’t have the same expectations of your summer guest as your winter guest. Summer guests are likely to be very different – less adventurous and outdoorsy.
  5. Events are a great way to build summer business without making a large, up-front capital investment.
  6. Be curious and seek expertise. If you’re thinking about starting a summer operation, find, visit and talk to people who have done it before you. They will have mistakes and advice they can share that will save you time and money.
  7. Optimize your capacity and revenue by carefully planning your infrastructure, attraction design and layout, staffing and visitor movement. Consider engaging
    the help of consultants or experts.